I was sitting in church and I had a realization…… I need to control law school.  That may sound like a very small thought, an impossible thought, a completely unrealistic thought but it did come during church service so I definitely felt some divine inspiration here.

How do you suppose I go about this??  Well I have been reading some books about law school and have come upon a few specific things—

In the book “Law school for Dummies” I learned that I did not want to be a “gunner”.  This is a person who raises their hand all the time, wants to answer every question and makes the other law students pretty much despise them.  I am already going to be the “nontraditional student” that most likely no one is going to miss—-it’s going to be my smile that they notice first I am sure—insert sarcasm–I’m sure they won’t notice I’m as old as their parents (or older, yikes!).  I digress,  anyway I don’t want to be that person.  It will be hard for me not to raise my hand or not to offer commentary but I will do my best!!

In the book “Law School Confidential” which I highly recommend by the way , I learned-

1. That I need to schedule my life around law school.  This is an obvious fact I am sure but I didn’t grasp it fully until this book.  I have put together an hourly schedule of classes, reading, life, drive time, etc.  I know that life will get in the way and I will do my very best to keep this schedule but at least I have a feeling of control over my schedule.  I want to be successful in law school but also continue to have some bit of life.  This book has given me hope that I will have CONTROL of my life.

2. I need highlighters—-lots of them.  I thought this was some kind of law school joke according to Instagram and Twitter.  I was wrong!

3. I need to get my resume rewritten, made current and copied and ready in a file before school even starts.  Do you know that law firms start looking at hiring (ha, free labor, no money) and interviewing on November 1 during the first semester of law school–before I even take my first exam?  If I want any type of opportunity for a summer job next summer with a law firm I need my resume ready this summer.

I don’t have anything else today but I am still reading Law school Confidential so I will keep you posted—- my challenge to you all today?  Learn something new, even if it is a line from a poem or a fact or a really long book about the next 3 years of your life….



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