A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

I looked at my social media this week and saw a posting I had written a year ago….I had a dream and in it an unknown dream person asked me how many law schools I had applied to.  I told the dream person that I had applied to two schools and they said that I had better apply to more otherwise I wouldn’t get into law school.  To this I said (again in my dream),  “No, I’m only applying to the two schools and I’m going to get accepted to both”  Well often dreams come true.  I did indeed get accepted to both.

In here lies my problem though.  Both schools are good.  One ranks 55 in the nation while one ranks 127.  The lower ranking school is in my home town while the other is a 50 minute drive for me daily.  The in town school accepted me first and I was beginning to really like that option.  I felt I could be closer to my family, maybe break from the crazy day of law school and have lunch with my husband occasionally.  The home town advantage was really appealing to me.  Then the second school called and said I was accepted.  The second school is $45,000 less, has great parking, just spent millions dollars on updating the school with law clinics for students, offers free continuing education for its alumni, the list truly goes on and on.

As excited as I was that the first school said yes, I am now even more excited that the second school said yes.  This was my first choice all along even though it was the second school.  I am about to embark on an entirely new season of my life, in an entirely different town that I do not know much about.  I see this season as an opportunity for growth, for fun, for stretching, for trials and errors and for so much uncertainty.  In the end though it is what I want to do and am looking forward to the challenge!  Call me crazy but it sounds like fun to me.

The tale of two cities—two choices I am thankful that I had and a dream that actually came true.

My challenge for you all today—what are you dreaming about figuratively and literally?  Go out and attain it, go get it–even baby steps can eventually get you to where you want to be.  It took me 30 years plus this last 1 1/2 years of working hard to get partly to my goal.  My end game of course is to become a lawyer but I am still in the baby steps.  Go and take baby steps or giant leaps, which ever you are able to do at the moment!




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