Law School at age 50, am I crazy??

Law School at age 50, am I crazy??

Okay, I am starting this blog by lying first and foremost—hmmm, doesn’t make for a very good lawyer.  My lie is that I am 49 but will be 50 later this year, while I am in law school.  Law school at 49 1/2 doesn’t really roll off the tongue as well as Law School at 50.  Forgive me this small lie, I will try hard not to ever do it again, but as in life there are no guarantees.

You may be thinking that I am crazy and wondering why in the world would someone my age want to go through the pain and trials of law school.  It is certainly a valid question which I hope I can explain well with a few bullets of why’s and why not’s.

  1. I did not have a mid-life crisis.  Many of you reading this may think so but it is not the case.  I am level headed enough to know that decisions made out of a crisis mode do not last or generally go well.
  2. I love the law.  I didn’t realize I did until I began thinking back upon my school life.  When I was in college the first time, oh soooo many years ago my favorite classes were Business Law and Criminal Justice.  I should have realized sooner that I wanted to be a lawyer.  Even now over 30 years later I can remember a few of the class cases I learned back then.
  3. I love Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.  Okay, yes, I know that sounds completely irrelevant but I have a weird mind that likes those kind of books, television shows, movies…..the way of thinking that this kind of media stresses.  I have weird facts in my brain that don’t seem to have any need until just one day and I can pull it out of my hat–I’m weird like that.
  4. I want to live until I die.  If you know me personally you have heard me say this quite a bit.  I usually say it in regard to working out, I want to be healthy until I am not but this also comes into my personal career life as well.  If I am not stretching myself, if I am not growing then I am dying and I do not want that.  I do not want to be stagnant.
  5. “Life is too short not to do what you want”  Yes, this is an often overused statement made by people explaining their life decisions.  In my case it is too true.  Again, if you know me personally you know that I lost my 13 year old son DJ to a skateboarding accident over 10 years ago.  He lived life fully, without question 110%.  How can I not chose to live my own life this way in honor of his short life?  No one is guaranteed any certain amount of time in life and I too want to make the most of mine in the next 50 years I have!
  6. I think it is going to be fun!!  You can all ask me if I think law school will be fun in December after my first finals but until now I am going with it!  I am excited to learn new things, new concepts, new ideas, make new friends, new connections, make a new life!

I am sure there are other reasons but for now these are the my top 6.  I will give you a history of my life before making this decision on my next blog–this is enough for today.  Hope you all enjoy,

Lisa–lawyer in the making, maybe a crazy person, a bit of a fanatic..


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